Work in Progress

Project Statement :

I got obsessed with chairs, especially with school chairs when in 2015 I took some pictures of chairs at the studio in the college where i studied photography with a polaroid camera and some peeled apart film.

I had the polaroids in a binder and lost them inadvertently.  I desperately tried to find the polaroids, but couldn’t find them, I even thought of leaving a missing sign in the school to find them back. For some reason the Idea that I could lose something so special to me in an instant simply because I got distracted was out of this world. Something so close to my imagination was and still is precious to me.

I think that’s why the imagery of chairs got stuck in my head. I went back to the same college back in 2017 to finish my degree and tried to recreate the images I took with the polaroids, but couldn’t achieve the same result.

To finish my studies I returned to school in 2018 in the same studio and was able to create a more similar aesthetic to the original polaroids.

Here are some pictures taken from 2018 to present.

Chair and Stool in Studio 1 & 2, Stool and table, Matane, 2018

Wood at hand, Verdun, 2019

Misunderstanding behaviors 1, 2, 3, Montreal, 2021

Work in Progress